Drop in with a coffee, connect with like-minded marketers, ask for help or just introduce yourself.

Our free meetups are designed to be light networking opportunities with other Impact Marketers.

– Are you looking to connect with new impact-driven marketers?

– Do you need help with a challenge you’re facing?

– Are you feeling lonely or lost in your impact journey?

– Do you have something to offer others?

– Do you want a pick-me up?

These are free events for the Impact Marketing Club community to join.

Some of the connections that have been made in these have led to new projects being born, so it really is worth your while to connect with the community!

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Join our fortnightly member meet-ups to connect, collaborate and meet new members!

Join our next meetup

Put this in your calendar at least every month so you can feel like a star for the rest of the day.

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