On the menu tonight, we’re serving a platter of f*ck ups with a side of honesty.

Because learning from each others mistakes is only a good thing.

The F*ck Up Supper Club is a dinner event where a brave marketer will share their mistakes on their impact journey.

Emboldened by their honesty, we’re all invited to connect honestly over dinner about our own mistakes and learnings while trying to make a difference.

This is an exciting and very limited numbers event where you can learn from each other, connect & get some stuff off your chest.

How it works

You’re invited to a dinner party with a difference.

  • We’ll hear from a brave member who is going to share their f*ck ups honestly
  • You’ll enjoy a 2 or 3 course delicious dinner
  • You’re invited to share your own mistakes honestly and openly

Chatham house rules strictly abided by in this space.


Supper club costs vary as we go to different venues. These will be clear for each event in your invitation. Impact Marketing Club Members get 15% discount.

Who’s it for

The Impact Marketing Club events programme is for in-house, agency and freelance marketers.

There is very limited spaces.

Need to get something off your chest now?

Check out our #impact-incognito channel in slack! You can post without judgement, anonymously. Not a member? Join now! 

F*ck Up Supper Club (London)

Welcome to the F*ck Up Supper Club.

Brave marketers share what they’ve got wrong, and we connect over our mistakes.

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The most effective learning opportunities come from our (and others) mistakes.

Nicola TelfordImpact Marketing Club Founder