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Today, people are more connected than ever. Various tools and websites make it possible to network and share ideas, and companies and brands have realised the value of online community. Businesses are using communities to keep their team connected and offer the opportunity to learn, share, and collaborate.

Branded communities are centered around improving all facets of business— from customer experience to marketing to team building. And when your business is strong internally, you can focus on fostering deeper customer relationships or “brand community”.

A brand community is a group of engaged customers that have a sound emotional bond with a brand. Members of this community purchase the brand’s products and services, and they interact with their content.

Why is audience community important for impact brands? 

To make an impact you have to connect with your audience—they need to feel your brand’s mission. The main point is that your customers want to be a part of the change you’re making in the world.

What are the stats saying about brand community?

  • 83 percent of consumers say word of mouth has an influence on their buying decisions.
  • 64 percent of marketers believe that word of mouth is the most effective form of marketing.
  • Consumers are 4 to 6 more likely to purchase and advocate for purpose-driven brands.

Communities Are Good For Business

From Online Communities:The Benefits and Impacts on Organizations

  • Online communities can increase your engagement by 21 percent.
  • 66 percent of community members say that communities have made an impact on brand loyalty.
  • 68 percent of branded communities report that the community has helped them generate new leads.
  • 55 percent of branded communities report that the community contributed to a boost in sales.
  • 57 percent of branded communities say that the community has led to greater search engine rankings.
  • 72 percent of branded community members experience an increase in website traffic.
  • 92 percent of marketing professionals believe that online communities have a significant impact on their businesses.

Communities Spark Innovation

  • 90 percent of communities share suggestions on how to improve products or services.
  • 78 percent of members say that they are a part of communities to get inspiration for new products or services.
  • Businesses who invested in communities saw a 77 percent increase in workplace efficiency and 52 percent increase in innovation speed. 
  • Communities prompt new idea formation, and deliver accelerated answers.
  • 33 percent of members said that the community helped change product design, and another 33 percent reported a change in their company’s marketing strategy.

From 2020 Community Industry Trends Report

  • 88 percent of community professionals believe that community is essential for the brand’s goals.
  • 85 percent of marketers and community leaders believed that having a branded online community is critical for improving customer journey and increasing trust.

Communities Build Stronger Teams

From GlobalWebIndex report members of a branded community prefer online format versus social media. Here’s what they had to say:

  • 36 percent responded that communities provided meaningful conversation
  • 28 percent believed they receive respect from others
  • 21 percent felt appreciation
  • 18 percent developed a sense of belonging
  • Businesses who were a part of communities saw a 77 percent increase in workplace efficiency and 64 percent culture change.
  • Advanced communities generate a 54 percent organisational and cultural change. Employees’ loyalty to the brand’s goals and mission is a main benefit of online communities for business.

Communities Strengthen Customer Relationships

From 2017 Community Value and Metrics Report

  • 43 percent of branded communities focus on serving customers. 
  • 66 percent of brand communities claim that it offers relationship building for their organization.
  • 46 percent of brand managers felt that branded communities changed the way businesses thought about customers.
  • 86 percent of members report experiencing greater insight into customer needs.
  • 90 percent of members agree that suggestions from counterparts are useful in improving products and services.
  • 85 percent of business owners believe that branded communities had a positive impact on their business.
  • Businesses who were members of a branded community saw a 56 percent increase in brand awareness and 54 percent improvement in self-service support.

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